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Every country in the world has its unique legal system, and Turkey is no different. While the modernization efforts in the early 20th century brought the country’s legal system and language ever closer to that of Continental Europe, Turkey has nevertheless maintained its peculiar legal tradition. Therefore, owing to such cultural and traditional differences, legal translation from English to Turkish is highly challenging and it requires a great deal of expertise, cultural awareness, academic knowledge and, above all, research.

Having studied constitutional and commercial law at an academic level, and taken on hundreds of legal translation assignments from English to Turkish both as an in-house and freelance translator over the last 12 years, I am intimately familiar with the Turkish legal system, language and terminology. My years of experience as an in-house translator enabled me to familiarize myself with the differences and nuances between American and British English legal terminology and style, and localize such fine differences into Turkish smoothly and seamlessly.

Be it a legal contract stipulating the terms and conditions or an HR policy outlining the rules and regulations, you want to work with an expert linguist with a proven track record and expertise. While badly and inaccurately translated texts are bad for business in every area of translation, they are particularly harmful in the case of legal translation where your company’s reputation and ability to do business in Turkey are at stake.

As an experienced English to Turkish sworn legal translator certified by the Turkish Ministry of Justice, I have had the honor and privilege of working with and helping numerous local and international law firms, NGOs, multinational corporations, local businesses as well as individual clients on legal translation projects from English to Turkish involving patents, court and arbitration decisions, legal and business contracts, privacy notices and data protection policies over the last 12 years.

I collaborate with a team of highly experienced and specialized translators who proofread and edit my translations. I always seek expert opinion from an experienced lawyer who is a notary public that I regularly work with. I ensure the highest quality in legal translations from English to Turkish as I know the stakes are high when it comes to legal translation. If you wish to have your legal documents translated from English to Turkish by an expert linguist who will put your mind at ease.


I particularly specialize in:

  • Legal and Business Contracts

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Lease Contracts

  • Articles of Association, Charters of Incorporation

  • Copyrights, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

  • Arbitration Decisions, Court Orders, Court Transcripts, Expert Reports

  • Privacy Notices, Data Protection, HR Policies

  • EU Directives

  • Deeds, Wills, Testimonies, Powers of Attorney, and Notarial Certificates