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We recently worked with Baran on a very large and demanding project, both in volume and sector expertise and he provided the best end-product to the highest standards and quality! Great linguist!

Dennis Capstick

Country Manager, GSI Associates, UK

I would like to leave positive feedback for Mr Baran Keki who translated a document from Turkish into English for me. Baran was professional, provided an excellent service, within the deadline, presented the translated document in the same format as the original, signed and stamped to confirm he is an accredited translator. Baran was very timely in his responses to me and also answered the questions I had and we agreed on the work to be completed and price prior to Baran undertaking the translation. This is my first time using a translation service and Baran made this experience so easy and positive for me, providing a totally excellent service. I would highly recommend him and would use him again.

Claire Law

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, UK

My experience with Baran as a freelance translator has been brief, however it has been extremely satisfactory. He always replies promptly and provides estimates within minutes. The communication via email is first-rate and, what is more important, the quality of his work is excellent and he always delivers all jobs on time. Therefore, I would definitely recommend collaborating with him. It is a great pleasure to work with a highly trained professional as well as a friendly and approachable person like Baran.

Carmen Mateu García

Owner, Traducciones Elche, Spain

Very professional, responsive and adaptable to tools and instructions. We confidently recommend Baran and look forward to working more together. Thank you.

Tyra Bouhamdan Vassallo

Founder, Multilingo Plus, Canada

Baran has been providing quality Turkish translation for RussTech for over two years now. Apart from being a translator of the highest tier (e.g. has never been late, provided explanations and alternatives for any controversial parts, received nothing but a great feedback, etc.) Baran also goes above and beyond making sure you are satisfied with the whole process. He inquires of any desired formatting preferences, gives his professional advice and offers all and any help he can find should you ask for it. All of this comes in a form of a friendly and relaxed dialog which may help you accidentally find a new friend. I know I found one!

Mark Kalinskiy

Project Manager, Russtech Inc., USA

Our bank has been working with Mr. Keki for the last couple of years. He is a very talented translator who knows the Turkish banking industry inside out and has been doing a tremendous job translating our website content and quarterly reports with great attention to detail. We’re thoroughly pleased with his quality financial and banking translations, his responsive and hands-on attitude, and have no reservations whatsoever recommending services.

Serdar Tosun

Credit and Risk Management Manager, QNB Finansbank, Turkey

I have worked with Baran on numerous English to Turkish projects with translation and proofreading with medical content. Baran is a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond and very friendly. His deliverables are consistently well presented and on time, proving he is a conscientious and diligent translator. I would fully recommend Baran and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Siân Jones

Project Manager, UK

Baran was a pleasure to work with. His response rate is very quick (even despite being in different time zones) and the delivery for a rush request was delivered even earlier than expected WITH the specified formatting requirements completed. I'd definitely be willing to work again.

Abigail Nanquil

SpanTran Evaluation Services, USA

Fast and professional translator. We wouldn't hesitate to work with Baran again for certified translations from Turkish to English.

Joe Darden

Strommen Inc., USA

Baran is one of the most trusted and efficient sworn translators of our office who consistently delivers high quality certified translations from English to Turkish. We always entrust him with the translation of highly important and complex legal documents as we know that he does his best to deliver the highest quality. We have never had any issues with written translation and interpreting jobs at our notary office thanks to him.

Sinan Sekmen

Lawyer & Notary Public, Turkey

I have known Mr. Baran Keki for nearly three years. He has been a fantastic English- Turkish interpreter and a translator in all his works. He is friendly, helpful, and mature and in my view that is what a perfect interpreter would be. He translated for me a lot of documents, including court documents and legal files. I always find him reliable in terms of punctuality and quality of work. In few occasions he went with me to public notaries for interpreting legal documents and completing business paperwork. All I can say, he is an excellent interpreter, very capable legal translator, and a professional dragoman.

Yousef Sallabi

Businessman, Libya

We are delighted to be working with Baran for our English to Turkish and vice versa projects. He thoroughly understands the subject matter giving us confidence in translations he produces. He turns around projects on time and with accuracy taking into account the context. We have been working with him on a regular basis and different kind of projects regardless of their complexity. His personal touch and flexibility makes it a pleasure to work with.

Larysa Booth

Head of Corporate Projects, Lingvo House, UK

Mr. Baran Keki is a committed professional and linguist. He demonstrated his high standards while working with us in a long and difficult translation project, which involved research and similar documents comparison. His involvement was fundamental to the success of the translation. He pays attention to the details and nuances of language and goes above and beyond to make sure the translation is the best possible. He enjoys his work and keeps a fluid communication with the project manager. He is a joy to work with both at the professional and the personal level. He is our top English>Turkish translator and proofreader.

Diane Turcin

Project Manager, Bridge Builders Translators, USA

I worked with Baran in having my academic papers translated into English. I really appreciated his quick response, timely communication and support, which helped me a great deal when putting together an abstract at the very last minute or having an entire article translated under a tight deadline. I have always been pleased with the quality of his translations. I’d only need to make a few changes before sending the articles for publication. I recommended him to my other colleagues as well and they, too, were pleased with his academic translation services. I’d like to thank him for his support and quality translations.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Elif Örnek Özden

Yildiz Technical University, School of Urban and Regional Planning

As you all know the devil is in the details and as a project manager I'm aware of the fact that short and urgent translations to less common languages are a very time-consuming job. Our agency is focused on East European languages with German and English as the source. So for us 1 or 2 page translations from English/German to Chinese, Portuguese and Turkish represent a challenge. For a few years we were looking for a reliable Turkish translator, who would take his time and look into shorter translations with the same care as he certainly would if he translated 1000 pages. No luck. And then we met Mr. Baran. We've been working with him for more than 5 years. He pays attention to even the smallest of details and provides high quality translations. His translations are always delivered on time. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Andrej Toporišič

Manager, Panteon College, Slovenia

We have been working with Mr. Baran Keki for over a year now and he has done some crucially important certified translation jobs for our company. He handles the translation of financial and legal documents that require legalization and thanks to his extremely precise, efficient, fast and punctual work we are able to communicate the required documents to the relevant agencies without any problem. We have been truly impressed by his professionalism and his willingness to go the extra mile and we will continue working with him.

Sinan Gülener

CEO, Plaspak A.Ş., Turkey

Baran has been helping Glovo with legal English-Turkish translations since 2018, mainly in the field of contracts. From the very first moment, Baran has been incredibly helpful and easy to work with: the things I’d like to highlight most are his quick response time, his attention to detail/dedication to creating quality translations and his friendly personality. It is every project manager’s dream to work with someone who does not only translate “blindly” but instead makes sure the translation makes sense in the cultural and legal environment of the target language, and this is exactly what Baran is offering. I can wholeheartedly say that your translation projects are in good hands if you decide to work with him.

Viktória Farsang

Glovo App, Spain

Baran has been working with us for over two years. We always rely on him to deliver good quality translations from English to Turkish with fast turnaround. He maintains excellent communication and informs us of issues quickly so we can deal with in a timely fashion. He is an asset to our translation agency.

Kelly Salisbury

ASK Print, UK

I will definitely use Baran's translation services again. Translation was accurate and delivery on time as agreed. Document layout was professional and clean.

Robert Brandao

Spanish Business Services Inc., USA

When luck is on your side, you make the decision to offer a job to a linguist as reliable as Baran. I first asked Baran to work on a project for my agency about a year ago. I had both eyes wide opened to see how he would do. Now I send him work with my eyes closed! Baran is always timely in his replies. The work he provides is always of the highest quality and always on time. I could not have made a better decision than to choose Baran to be the Turkish linguist on my team.

Sharon Mercado-Villanueva

Amanuensis Translations, USA

Baran is a very responsible, professional and diligent translator. He delivered high quality work before the deadline, his rates are reasonable and his communication is very pleasant and friendly. We look forward to working with him again.

Catarina Costa

Tradu24 Limited, Portugal