Technical translation from English to Turkish requires a great deal of specialized knowledge, expertise, perfect command of the source language, online research skills and, above all, experience. At Turkolocal we possess all of these skills and then some. I and my team of expert Turkish technical translators specializing only in certain areas of technical translation and translating exclusively into Turkish are committed to providing the best results to our clients at affordable rates.

I have been translating user manuals, MSDS documents, occupational health and safety guidelines, and technical specifications from English to Turkish on a regular basis since 2007. Since then I have continuously honed my skills and knowledge as a technical translator in the said areas of technical translation from English to Turkish and had the opportunity to work with major global consumer products manufacturers and technology companies.

I have come to realize that, while being indispensable skills in and of themselves, possessing technical knowledge, mastery of the source language and online research skills are not enough to produce top quality technical translations from English to Turkish. This is because the majority of the technical documents, be they user manuals or website content, are composed by non-native English speakers and they may prove difficult to understand at times. Therefore, the ability to decipher and understand broken English in technical documents is almost equally important and can only be achieved through constant on-the-job experience.

The expert Turkish technical translators with whom I collaborate hold BSc degrees in relevant engineering disciplines and have been translating technical content into Turkish for more than 10 years. Because we work with globally renowned manufacturers and very reputable North American and European translation agencies that only specialize in technical translation, we are committed to delivering them the best possible technical translations from English to Turkish.

We boast a huge Translation Memory dedicated to technical translation, and we place great importance on Quality Assurance and seamless localization. The technical documents translated from English to Turkish by us read as though they are the works of a local author, and are therefore completely understandable to the target audience, which is very important in the case of user manuals.


I particularly specialize in:

  • User Guides

  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • MSDS

  • Technical Specifications & Website Content

  • E-Learning and Training Modules and Courses

  • Technical Proposals, Bids, Tender Documents

  • Safety and Security Guidelines

  • Risk Management

  • Occupational Health & Safety