At Turkolocal I and my colleagues are committed to providing first-class patent translations from English to Turkish. We only focus on English to Turkish language pair, and thus only translate into our native language. I personally have been involved in patent translation projects since 2010 when the translation agency I then worked for signed a contract with a major pharmaceutical company and started receiving regular chemical and drug patent translation assignments. Having cut my teeth in pharmaceutical patents and then moving on to other areas including technical and legal patents, foreign patent filings, prior-art documents, examiner reports, trademark applications and various other IP related documents, I have gradually become an adept patent translator through constant on-the-job experience.

As both an in-house and freelance translator I worked with major pharmaceutical companies, law firms, individual lawyers, solicitors, hi-tech and innovation companies on patent translation projects from English to Turkish over the last decade. I also regularly collaborate with expert Turkish patent translators working exclusively on technical and legal patent translation projects involving patent applications, claims, office actions and technology licensing. We focus on only one language pair, which is English to Turkish, and several areas of patent translations, and we claim to be experts at what we do.

We are fully aware of the fact that patent translations play a crucially important part in securing legal protection for an intellectual property, and for this reason we exercise utmost care and diligence in translating such documents. I and my colleagues specializing in technical and legal patent translations have created an impressive portfolio of patent translations, and we will be more than happy to provide our expertise and experience at your disposal to translate your patent applications and IP related documents from English to Turkish.

For more information on the clients we worked for, and on some of the patent translation projects we recently carried out please contact us.

We particularly specialize in:

  • Patent Applications

  • Patent Claims

  • Patent Validations

  • Prior Art, Drawings, Trademark Descriptions

  • Abstracts

  • Office Actions

  • Patent Infringement Cases

  • Technology Licensing

  • Litigation Documents