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Medical translation is one area of translation where you cannot afford to make a mistake. Any mistranslation, spelling error or inaccurate translation may have costly and grave consequences. For this reason, you would be well advised to choose the right language service provider who specializes in medical translations to put your mind at rest.

At Turkolocal we are fully aware of what it takes to provide top quality medical translations from English to Turkish. We only focus on only one language pair and several areas of medical and pharmaceutical translations that include medical instruments, informed patient consent forms, medical reports, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, package inserts, pharmaceutical patents and medical technology. I work with a team of professional Turkish translators that previously worked in the medical and pharmaceutical fields who are experts at their areas of specialization.

In addition to collaborating with first-class translators specializing in medical and pharmaceutical translations from English to Turkish, we keep in touch with bona fide physicians and doctors who help us with our queries and provide us with unique expert insight, and thus enable us deliver accurate, error-free medical translations in Turkish. My medical translator colleagues also keep abreast of the latest developments in medical practice and technology, and they are fully familiar with the most up-to-date medical terminology and literature even before such medical terms are adopted into the Turkish medical vocabulary.

I personally have been carrying out medical and pharmaceutical translation projects since 2007 when I started out as an in-house translator. Through my former agency I had the chance to work with a good number of reputable domestic and international medical equipment and supply manufacturers, groups of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, academics and individual clients. I and my colleagues have built translation memories dedicated to medical and pharmaceutical translations from English to Turkish that consist of well over 700,000 segments, and we continue to further our resources and expertise to better help our clients in translating their medical and pharmaceutical texts into Turkish.

We regularly work with reputable North American and European translation agencies that specialize in medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences translations. In all our translations, we always employ the four-eyes principle and a strict and comprehensive QA procedure to provide 100% accurate and reliable translations. We aim to be more than just a vendor or Turkish language service provider; we would like to become your partner. We would like to offer our 12 years of experience and expertise to help you get the best possible medical and pharmaceutical translations from English to Turkish.


We particularly specialize in:

  • Medical and Pathological Reports

  • Informed Patient Consent Forms

  • Pharmaceutical Product Specifications and Catalogs

  • Drug Master Files

  • Letters of Authorization and Distribution

  • Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Research Programmes

  • Pharmaceutical Patents

  • Package Inserts

  • Medical Device Manuals

  • Documentation to be Submitted to the Turkish Ministry of Health and General Directorate of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy