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Marketing translation is one of the most demanding and challenging areas of translation in any language pair. It requires excellent command of both the source and target languages, good understanding of puns, slangs and wordplays, and deft writing skills that go beyond translation and localization.

No matter how big or small, every company in the world invests heavily into marketing campaigns to gain an edge over their competitors. In order to grow their business into a global trademark and boast worldwide sales, more and more companies are striving to reach global audiences and turn them into customers. This could only be achieved by tapping into the local mindset and hiring expert marketing translation services.

While marketing translation is a tough subject in any language pair, it is particularly difficult in the case of Turkish language. This is because Turkish language is vastly different from most other western languages in terms of its peculiar sentence structure where the predicate or independent clause always comes at the end of the sentence. This presents major difficulties when translating marketing texts from English to Turkish. This is also where the word-for-word or literal translations that are liable to be produced by most Turkish translation agencies fail.

Marketing texts composed in English also tend to contain a large number of puns and wordplays that mostly have no equivalents in Turkish. This is yet another difficulty that boggles the minds of the literal Turkish translators. Such challenges and peculiarities of Turkish language make transcreation and creative content writing all the more relevant in the case of marketing translations from English to Turkish as the translation itself is not sufficient enough to address the requirements.

At Turkolocal we recognize such challenges and streamline our work accordingly. Working with translators with years of marketing translation and former advertising agency experience, we strive to provide the best possible marketing translation services from English to Turkish by focusing on the mindset of the Turkish reader and addressing the subtleties of the target language. We make no distinction between translation and localization since our goal is to convey the message in the source language to the Turkish audience in such a way that makes perfect sense for the latter.

Marketing translations are too important to be entrusted to the one-stop-shop translation agencies that churn out large volumes with fast turnaround; you want to work with professionals who are fully aware of and ready for the challenges inherent in the language.


I particularly specialize in:

  • Corporate Brochures

  • Website Translation and Localization

  • Flyers, Press Releases, Newsletters

  • Product Information, Packaging

  • Marketing Reports, Presentations, White Papers

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Market Survey and Research

  • Product Localization