Certified translation, also referred to as Sworn Translation in continental Europe and Turkey, is an important area of translation that is usually required for administrative and official purposes. It has to be carried out by a professional certified (sworn) translator who is accredited by official judicial authorities such as courts, notary offices and other governmental agencies. Obtaining such credentials is not an easy task as it involves thorough background checks, competence examination and tests.

I have been accredited as a certified court translator from English to Turkish and vice versa by the Turkish Ministry of Justice and hold several Sworn Translator Certificates issued to me by a number of Notary Offices located in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been working as a certified (sworn) translator since 2008 and, as such, I have been using my own stamp and signature on my translations that are intended for notarization or official examination.

As a certified (sworn) translator, the texts I translate from English to Turkish carry legal weight once they bear my name and signature, and, once they are notarized (legalized) and apostilled, they are legally valid in Turkey and elsewhere in the world. I provide certified (sworn) legal translation services to businesses, individual clients, translation agencies, law firms, solicitors and lawyers. As described in this article, I can have your documents notarized here in Turkey on your behalf and send them back to you by post. For more information regarding certified translations from English to Turkish and notarization process in Turkey, please see the FAQ section.

Although as a rule I and my colleagues only translate into our native language, this is subject to exemption in the case of certified (sworn) translations. This is because there are few native English speakers who meet the requirements to become a certified (sworn) translator in Turkey, and there are not that many native English speakers living and working as a translator in Turkey as there are in Spain or other Mediterranean countries. For this reason, I carry out certified (sworn) translations from Turkish to English by exercising utmost care and diligence, and always having my translations proofread and checked by a native English speaker at my own expense.

As an ATA member and Ministry accredited certified translator, I am committed to providing first-class certified (sworn) translation services to my clients in English to Turkish and Turkish to English language pairs. I mostly provide certified translation services for the following kinds of texts:

  • Passports, ID Cards, Driving Licenses

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Letters of Consent, Letters of Authorization

  • Articles of Association, Signature Circular, Business Charters

  • Marriage, Divorce and Property Division Agreements

  • Medical Reports

  • Birth Certificates, Vital Records

  • Court Decisions

  • Deeds, Wills, Testimonies and various other Notarial Certificates